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Rapid Migraine Relief 4oz
Rapid Migraine Relief 4oz

Rapid Migraine Relief 4oz

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Rapid Migraine Relief 

The 4ml bottle gives you your best bang for your buck. Your greatest value. Organically reduces your migraine pain in seconds. This bottles contains 45 - 60 doses. That's as little as $0.83 per dose. Guaranteed. 


Easy as 1, 2, 3. 
1. Three drops in each nostril. 
2.  Breath deeply until The oils is no longer in your nose. 
3. Open your eyes and enjoy being pain free. 
 (Note: You may experience a slight burning sensation, this is normal and subsides quickly.)
 If your migraine does happen to come back, you can feel safe taking a second dose. 
With continued use, you will begin to notice your migraines diminish in strength and frequency, although they may not stop all together.